How the 1% percent Benefit and Live Free Using Crypto Currency! 

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A new way of living is upon us.  The old ways of doing business, spending money and acquiring wealth has changed dramatically.  Obtaining wealth has never been easier in the world.  Welcome to the digital age, where living in a Global economy has presented so many new options.

You can no longer afford NOT to adapt in the new wealth economy.   For one, the way you can buy and sell real estate can save you millions in taxes.  The way you spend money no longer requires you to have cash.  The way you operate and do business has been totally be disrupted by the internet and social media. .

Hi, I’m Jamar James, aka the Digital Currency Guy.  
I am a Business Consultant and Crypto Currency Entrepreneur partnered with wealth management offices and other online entrepreneurs.  We have created a one of a kind closed looped masterminds designed to share new age wealth building strategies from the 1%.  

This program is designed to focus on 5 business stages of a professional life in the new economy.  Our program is designed to accelerate the way you live, obtain currency and grow wealth.

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We can Talk About


- How to scale and automate in 2019


- Where to start if you’re starting from square one


- Process to gain confidence and change your mindset


- Why you don’t have to ever work again


- Why most pay more taxes than they need and how to avoid over paying.


- How to set up cash accounts without using banks


- How to create a marketing message that stands out from all the noise on the internet


- Why every business needs to think of themselves as a global empire

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